Saturday, 29 October 2016

First group ride and cycling blog since July!!!

I'm not 100% sure how it happened but, until today I haven't been on a group ride since July! A lot of the reasons have been SuperSam and I would've ridden last week but for his Cyclocross race at The MK bowl. Anyway here's this week's route.

The little tail on that loop is me riding to and from home. I have to say I whizzed to the shop before the ride and then dawdled home on empty legs afterwards. 

Things have changed somewhat whilst I've been away. There is now a calendar of rides with a lot of pre-planning and routes available weeks in advance. Our ride leader in the 'banter bunch,'  Mike, took the time to learn the route and made sure we didn't lose our way. The quick lot managed to get it wrong a few times and arrived back at the shop several minutes after we did!

Bike Selfie

We all had a good ride and we all got back safely. The fast group gaff was actually a blessing in disguise because instead of them all home before we made it back to C&D Cycles, we all got some time together. Out on the road the Banter Bunch was a proper group ride. People took turns on the front, we welcomed three newbies, there was good communication and above all good banter. I've missed this lot and in turn they've missed my wife's cake!

Back at the shop the apple cake provided by the Queen of Cakes, Mrs Lee Lindsley, was demolished in next to no time. Banter continued with Andy P clearly relieved at not having to be the wittiest man in the room for a change. Nat and Gemma continued their unhealthy obsession with willies and frantic Strava downloads ensued. Some key players were missing though. I was disappointed not to ride with Andy the C&D manager (issue with a leek,) and Big Steve (dodgy knees apparently.) The latter's absence meant a complete lack of Fast Show quotes!

Most of all I needed that ride in good company. My work has been a bit too stressful of late and cycling keeps me sane, cycling with good friends gives me strength to face Monday!

SuperSam at MK Bowl: Round 5 of the central league

Okay lets get away from my cycling and talk about the fantastic stuff SuperSam has been up to with Kettering Cycling Club's junior section, the Cyclones. It truly is a fantastic club and this week coach Mark Evans, was awarded The Kettering Sports Awards - Volunteer of the Year Award. Mark is a tremendous encouragement and this award was exceptionally well deserved.

So far Sam aged 11 has taken part in circuit races at Rockingham Motor Speedway and has been in a couple of Cyclocross races. It's brilliant to see his love of cycling evolve. A number of the kids at Cyclones have parents who ride with C&DCycles CC so it's also a bit of Dad's club!The group is free to attend and they also fund loan bikes to ensure the kids have the right equipment. Those bikes are supplied by C&D Cycles. Makes you feel good doesn't it!

Cold, wet, muddy and very pleased with himself

Earlier in the week I had an off road spin of my own, testing my new tubeless tyre on the 29r. The tyre was fitted using a real Heath-Robinson rapid inflation system made out of an old lemonade bottle, some gaffer tape, old inner tube valves and the length of 5mm diameter tube from an old track pump. Believe it or not it worked great!

Several days later the tyre remains fully inflated and whats more it performed great on the ride below!

I always like to share a video in my blog and no surprises I'm going with a GCN video this week. I love these guys. They're nearly as funny as the Banter Bunch! Check out this challenge.

Okay that's all I've got. Cheers all for the great ride today and the massive welcome back!
Happy Pedalling